'It felt like a celebration of music as a whole'

13:12 7th April 2015

After striking up a friendship on regular meat head festival Holy Ship, Kieran Hebden and Sonny Moore, decided to put on Sunday's intimate show at Camden's Underworld - seemingly just for the hell of it.

The three hour set that followed, had the feel of an impromptu back to back, with each DJ following a one track each formula. Together their different styles matched perfectly, with Hebden drawing on loops and classic dubplates and Moore diving into the more eccentric and eclectic side of his selections.

Let's get one thing out of the way quickly. For anyone who was wondering whether it was face searing dubstep all night long, we're afraid to dissapoint. In the lead up to their three hour set, there was an air of mystery, relating to what the two producers were going to play. Obviously the pair match like chalk and cheese if you were to stack their back catalogues next each other and gave little away before the night itself. So to put your mind at rest, what followed was a mixture of every kind of music under the sun, from rock to pop, to jungle to techno.

It felt like a celebration of music as a whole, as well as the bank holiday. The set list was diverse as it was tightly mixed, with highlights including a mosh pit-inducing drop of 'Skeng' by The Bug and an arm waving finale of Toto's 'Africa'. Also anyone who can mix 'LA Woman' by The Doors into bass heavy dance music deserves a gold medal in our book.

The last half an hour did play to Moore's strengths with a blast of dubstep squeals and drops, but it didn't feel out of place. It felt earned after three hours of build up. It was fan service to the close knit crowd of avid followers who had clearly fought tooth and nail to get a ticket.

As a closing set for the long weekend it was absolutely fantastic and easily one of our gigs of the year so far. Skrillex can get a bad rap with his more garish elements, but as ever he proved himself to be an excellent performer, dishing out the love with shout outs over the mic and surprising with every new mix.

When two extremely high profile DJ's do a night like this for the hell of it, you simply can't lose. Now all we need is Avicii Vs. DJ EZ or something equally ridiculous. Well played Kieran and Sonny.