'The lyrics even say it for themselves; 'It's good sh*t''
Chloe Ravat

15:00 27th September 2013

As former composers of music for TV ads, it was the duo now known as Capital Cities' bread and butter to write music that was an instantly catchy hit. Those skills have been successfuly transferred to their debut LP; In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.

It's definitely not an album full of genre-defying variety, but these guys are damn sure on how to write a good electro pop song. Each song on the album has a vintage vibe which delicately swaddles the futuristic electro-synth sound, creating a signature Capital Cities trademark.

Opening track 'Safe and Sound' is already a successful single internationally, garnering the LA-based duo much critical acclaim and it's easy to see why; with its upbeat blend of programmed instrumentation and catchy melody. There are splashes of Hot Chip and MGMT that creep through on tracks like 'Origami' and 'I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo' which all contribute to the cultivation of a light, fluffy souffle of an LP.

Watch the video for hit single 'Safe + Sound' below

Standout tracks include the achingly cool 'Kangaroo Court' and the brilliant 'Farrah Fawcett Hair' which features a rare guest vocal from Andre 3000. The former has a complete foot-tapper of a beat, and the Crazy Frog-esque hook is oddly complementary. The latter is a surefire hit. An old school vibe with elements of funk and soul add some much needed variety and distinction on the album. The lyrics even say it for themselves; "It's good shit."

Listen to the album standout, 'Farrah Fawcett Hair' below

Sadly, much of In a Tidal Wave of Mystery is just a bit samey. The tracks are good but there is not enough individuality in them to distinguish one from the others or stop each blurring into the next. Good background listening for a lazy summer's day spent on a picnic blanket, just a shame it's a little too late in the year.