First-person narratives, romantic woes + poignant self-discovery
Harrison Smith
09:46 12th November 2021

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Partnering the lyrical themes of loss and a parade of hauntingly beautiful musical arrangements, Holly Humberstone’s sophomore EP The Walls Are Way Too Thin sees an intriguing maturity and growth in her already fiery sound.

Earning herself an Ivor Novello Rising Star nomination, being named the BBC Sound of 2021 and receiving nods from the likes of James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel and more, Humberstone dives headfirst into first-person narratives, romantic woes and poignant self-discovery on this latest offering.

Opening with ‘Thursday’, Humberstone flaunts her lyrical abilities in brandishing the trials and tribulations of longing in a crumbled relationship (“I was kind of hoping you were broken too”). The title track sees an assortment of noisy guitars and reverb-coated vocals in a jaunty lament about living in close quarters with an ex-lover and their new squeeze. “I get down, I get down when she gets you high”. Whilst these may be commonplace themes in singer/songwriter-led pop, Humberstone manages to mix things up just enough to keep it interesting. The charming lyrical honesty, infectious groove and playful energy throughout make The Walls Are Way Too Thin a coltish example of Humberstone’s dynamic talent and spirit. 

The Walls Are Way Too Thin is out now.

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