His most stimulating release yet
Harrison Smith
10:18 5th October 2021

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Already ruling the roost with the daring debut album Edna, London-born drill sensation Headie One returns with the follow-up mixtape Too Loyal...For My Own Good. 

A collection of tracks documenting his personal experiences of the past year and beyond, Headie leans heavily on the boom-bap beats, observational musings and take-no-prisoners vocal delivery which made Edna such a floor-filler. 

Whilst the tracks markedly comply with the standard rules of the genre, there’s a hint of something different in his composition this time around. Sampling the Busta Rhymes classic ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’ on the lively ‘Cry’, Headie demonstrates his mischievous knack for wordplay ("One sec on my wrist on my Rolex/Then next second, handcuffed to the jailor") and cuts deep on the pressures of fame, fortune and notoriety on ‘PTSD’, a rare example where Headie’s melodic and pleasing vocal tones shine.

Where Edna felt like the start of something special, ‘Too Loyal…’ is the true execution of Headie's capabilities and talents. It’s undoubtedly his most stimulating release yet. Whether it be the introduction of an enchanting string quartet on ‘2 Chains’ or the experimental ebb & flow of ‘Long Night in Knightsbridge’ Headie is diligent in keeping things interesting. 

Where drill may sometimes fall under an umbrella of predictability, Headie One works hard to steer things in a multitude of opposite directions. Some expected, some admittedly sluggish (one longs for brave step outside the verse-chorus pattern) but is always authentic to himself. 

Now an institution of the British hip-hop game, Headie One’s charismatic nature and accessible sound have earned him respect from the game’s big hitters. It’s understandable to see why his performance at the BRIT Awards this year saw his streaming numbers sky-rocket. There’s something very moving about Headie’s meteoric rise. With the big-time in his sights — a cauldron of fresh ideas always bubbling and an exceptionally beguiling new mixtape as artillery — it’s all there for his taking. 

Too Loyal...For My Own Good is out now.

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