Shoo-ins as the next Radio 1 darlings
Charlie Brock
20:03 8th July 2021

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The album is finally here...Inhaler seem to have been on the edge of something huge for months now, but the album is mere hours away and there is a great buzz around the band. 

The album opens with title track, 'It Won’t Always Be Like This', which is immediately a real high point on the record: the synths and keys give the track a kind of New Order covered by The Courteeners vibe. What's apparent throughout Inhaler’s debut is that they have a real knack for combining electronic themes with full on bucket-hat, Dark Fruits, TRNSMT festival style tunes. I don’t think they walk that tightrope as well as a band like Working Men's Club, but mark my words - Inhaler are going to be huge. 

The album continues apace with 'My Honest Face' and 'Slide Out The Window' being very enjoyable tracks. I think they are a little polished, or maybe overproduced - Inhaler lack the moody edges or spikiness of bands like Fontaines D.C. or Shame, but their talent for writing indie bangers is unburdened here. Inhaler are clearly having a great time as a band and their sense of excitement shines throughout this record. 

'Cheer Up Baby' is when Bono Jr. really shines, sounding remarkably like his old man - and there are even times when Inhaler mimic U2 in frighteningly life-like fashion. 'Cheer Up Baby' and 'Who’s Your Money On' are where Inhaler are their most '80s U2 (by no means a bad thing) but I get the sense that we will see more of the band’s genuine creative output in album two, or maybe three.

The track 'Totally' sees Inhaler go balls-to-the-wall with the indie anthem schtick. Big, anthemic, hands-in-the-air style choruses are fused with lyrics about smoking fags and breaking hearts. It’s an odd listen, because I think Inhaler suit the more experimental side of their sound. All this late-naughties indie fodder sounds a bit pound shop Alex Turner, if I’m totally honest.

Overall, Inhaler are a thoroughly decent band. The lads and dads are going to be all over Inhaler in particular - they’re the sort of band that grown men with Oasis tattoos will tell you are “a proper band”.

Inhaler are shoo-ins as the next Radio 1 darlings, likely to appeal to Easy Life fans and blur the lines between rock and pop, as so many successful bands do. I think they lack the cutting edge like Fontaines D.C. or The Murder Capital, but Inhaler have brought together a really listenable, enjoyable debut in It Won't Always Be Like This nevertheless.

It Won't Always Be Like This arrives 9 July via Polydor.

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