A real trip somewhere between insane + evocative
Joe Smith
13:02 3rd June 2021

Character concept albums are few and far between, so when one comes along I can’t help but be enticed by whatever whimsical or unappealing persons may be found within. On Everybody’s Made Of Bones, Sunglasses For Jaws introduce us to the eccentric Frank. A man played by the incredibly talented Olivier Huband, and one whose mind is slowly lost in a never-ending spiral of delectable psych-rock.

Laying somewhere between insane and evocative, Everybody’s Made of Bones, is a real trip. Its combination of visceral psych rhythms and deliriously woozy undertones, make for an enigmatic listen. Produced in Sean Ono Lennon’s studio by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, this record is a real treat, and has more than just a few surprises up its sleeve. Cited by the brains behind Sunglasses For Jaws as “An entire little world”, it’s that and then some.

Kicking off the album we have ‘Walk Me Home’, an introduction to Frank in his most seemingly normal form. We see him peaceful, drenched in sunny melodies. Just a normal guy...or so you thought. Despite the openers' calm demeanour, something sinister lies behind it. The synths are haunting, evoking a vision of a pensive death march, this track's layered synthesisers create an atmosphere both eerie and cheery, creating a sonic juxtaposition so bizarre, you need to hear more of it.

‘40 Days Unclean’ takes the album down a more jazzy street, leaning into some cinematic elements in its second half. The track begins with a steady vocal delivery, and once again brings in some spooky synths. This continues up until the song's third act, where we’re treated to some fantastic riffage. It feels like the product of experimenting in the studio, there’s a passion behind each note, a testament to the joy that can be found within this record.

On ‘Strategy’, Frank takes a turn. Delving deep into the psyche of this unusual character ‘Strategy’ is purposefully blurry, allowing the listener to experience just what it’s like to be Frank. The lyrics are trapped behind almost robotic effects, creating a trapped and confused sensation. However, just as you start to feel like there’s no escape from Frank's mind, rampant guitars and ferocious synths lead you out into the light, and occasionally, the dark as well.

Elsewhere on the record you can find a panting Frank leading us into a healthy dose of welcomed rock (‘Woke Up From Something’), a glockenspiel and saxophone disco (‘What Does It Look Like’), and looming hooks aplenty (‘Bone’), it has all you need for a synthy psych-rock fix.

Everybody’s Made of Bones is first and foremost fun. It captures the gleeful energy found only when creating music you truly enjoy. It amplifies the talents of all those involved, and is an album that should really and truly be cherished.

Everybody’s Made of Bones arrives 4 June via Pony Recordings.

Photo: Press