Fucking faultless
Laviea Thomas
11:37 12th January 2021

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Spare Ribs is the sixth studio album from punky Midlanders Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods. Two years since their last, Spare Ribs is a confetti of witty spoken-word amongst buoyant electronica. 

Quirky prodigy ‘The New Brick’ is a sturdy glide into the next forty minutes, following swiftly after is single release ‘Shortcummings.’ Released earlier in 2020, ‘Shortcummings,’ is a low, mumble style new-wave track. It’s moody with a memorable hook, as you find yourself mumbling, “he’s got short, short, short, short, short cummings.” Exploring the current crisis of extreme job loss due to the health and existential crisis that is COVID-19, Williamson sings “it’s such a shame that every job here is dead,” wittingly followed by, “It’s such a shame, that every person I meet needs smacking in the ‘ed.”

Rolling into the bassy ‘Nudge It,’ (and yes, we’re going to individually review the top three tracks of this album because they’re just that good) the Mods partner up with Australian vocalist Amy Taylor, the twang of their vocals intertwines like two sour limes – it’s pure punk and works very, very well. 

Mods never shy away from their controversial outspokenness and on Spare Ribs their fiery wit is admirable. Leaking their views on Brexit, our fruitless government and the music industry all through grungy electronica, Mods are one of very few bands that can do this just right. “Hello there, I’m here today to talk about the importance of independent venues,” says Williamson as he opens forth track ‘Elocution.’ And what a time to introduce it, having recorded Spare Ribs amongst the chaos of lockdown one, the shout-out to saving live music venues couldn’t be more urgent right now. 

Spare Ribs really tests your humour, as Mods throw out unapologetic insults: I promise you’ve not quite listened to an album that you’ve equally laughed with whilst enthusiastically bobbed your head to. Only Mods. “I don’t want to talk to you, you cunt, you boring, fucking, cunt,” – Williamson blares in ‘Out There.’ 

Ominous sounding ‘Mork N Mindy’ features words from newly-discovered Billy Nomates, taking you on a tranquil ride of distorted sounds. Mods just do not give a shit, and we absolutely love it: Spare Ribs is quite literally a tracklist of thirteen ‘Fuck Yous' to our incompetent, callous government. 

This album is - dare we say it - fucking faultless. Sleaford Mods are out to save 2021 with their boisterous lyricism and hard-hitting production. 

Spare Ribs arrives 15 January via Rough Trade Records.

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