The duo release their mini-album Everything Ugly today
Melanie Kaidan
11:57 3rd December 2021

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Mumble Tide’s Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers are the dream pop duo of dreams. The couple, who met thanks to a Gumtree ad for a bassist, found solace and a creative muse in lockdown and are now ready to embark on their upcoming UK tour.

“We’re really looking forward to it. Gina’s is mildly stressed about logistics,” jokes Ryan, but Gina swiftly interjects to explain that they are going through a phase at the moment. “I think we're both quite chaotic,” she explains. “We leave things until the last minute. So we’re now in our whirlwind phase, or hurricane phase, trying to get everything packed and sorted.”

“I'm terrible for not stressing out,” Ryan finally confesses. “And Gina is kind of the opposite. So we kind of meet in the middle and it's a bit of a chaotic vibe there as well.”

However stressful the preparations, the pair can’t help but look forward to filling venues again with their hazy sounds. “We're so excited,” mutters Gina. “We’re really, really, really buzzing. Can't wait to play loads of gigs after, obviously last year.”

While getting back on the road is a fun prospect for Mumble Tide, the past year and a half and its pandemic stillness gave the pair time to concentrate on their music and create their mini-album, Everything Ugly. “We were living in Bristol together right at the start of lockdown. We were kind of in a shared house, and it was full of musicians who were all about to kind of be home all of the time,” explains Ryan. “And we had the time to leave the room and we were like, ‘let's just basically retreat to Gina's folks in Cambridge’—which is kind of in the middle of nowhere—where there was a little more space. I made the most of it. It was great for writing and recording, and gave us a little time to focus on that.”

Everything Ugly, the mini-album, is out now.

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