'Psych-synth and unpredictable rhythms'
Grace Almond
14:49 14th January 2020

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After 15 years of making boundary-pushing music, Holy Fuck are gearing up to release their latest studio album, Deleter. Swimming against the tide of pressure to compromise on their vision just to make something commercially viable, they have given us something different to listen to. It’s psych-synth and unpredictable rhythms. It’s nuanced, heavy dance music.

‘Luxe’ is cinematic. Broad synths create a cerebral experience. The track sees the worlds of loud, hardcore 80s electronic music and industrial noise collide. There’s much less emphasis on lyrics in following track, ‘Deleters’, which uses a fun instrumental and chaotic beats.

The build-up in ‘Endless’ is beautiful. It gains momentum with every second, culminating in percussion-heavy sonic bliss. It’s an interesting break from the more upbeat tracks on the album, and showcases a certain fluidity. ‘Free Gloss’ is a barrage of frenetic rhythms, storming into a quieter temporary lull mid-track, with mildly political lyrics ,”pro-life, pro-god, pro-gun. My wife, my dog, my son. No light, no love, no fun. Be soft and hold your tongue."

These hectic rhythms carry on into later tracks ‘Moment’, ‘No Error’ and ‘Ruby’. It creates an evolving, moving record, which seeks to be completely spontaneous and remains fascinating. However, the tracks are not as easily identifiable from each other, and whilst they blend beautifully, they also seem to mirror many of each other’s themes in a way that threatens fatigue.

Elements of their self-titled and Latin albums are littered across Deleter - with a light sprinkling of Throbbing Gristle’s iconic album, 20 Jazz Funk Greats - yet, it still feels relatively new, with Holy Fuck blending an array of genres to present their own alternative music. This album is ten songs of thunderous energy, and never holds back. Holy Fuck have created a great record – deep house, fuzzy synths and an obvious desire to keep developing their sound, all seep through on Deleter. It’s a danceable, euphoric album and one that continually displays the band’s ability to discover their own potential.

Deleter is released on 17 January 2020 via Last Gang Records.

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