No one else is going to record this album in 2019
Dillon Eastoe
14:54 4th October 2019

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It’s more than fifteen years since Lowestofts finest musical export improbably headlined Reading and Leeds off the back of their surprise hit debut Permission to Land. For a few years catsuits, piercing vocals and 80s rock were somehow cool enough to top Britain’s biggest festivals. So what now? Sixth (count ‘em, six) album Easter is Cancelled opens with a ridiculous prog-folk intro before chugging guitars kick in with Justin Hawkins trademark wail “Rock and Roll deserves to die!”.

It’s the Darkness’ ability to be totally serious while also having their tongue firmly in cheek which allows them to be more than just a Tenacious D-style comedy act. They know their hair metal histrionics are inherently silly, but perform them with complete conviction nonetheless. 

Having roped in Rufus Taylor (son of the Queen legend Roger) on drums a few years ago, their assault has never been so powerful, a line-up that’s finally settled and you can hear how much fun they’re having from every solo and drum fill. 

Equally at home channelling ABBA on the power-balladry of ‘How Can I Lose Your Love?’ as they are heavy metal, The Darkness harbour no illusions of being the cool kids headlining festivals. Though you’d be hard pressed to draw the lines between the songs, Easter Is Cancelled is a loose concept album about a parallel universe where Jesus uses his superpowers to fight back, escapes the crucifix and saves the world. No one else is going to record that album in 2019, so The Darkness might as well.

Easter Is Cancelled is out now via Cooking Vinyl. 

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