The nation’s favourite riff-surfing storytellers are set to make some serious waves
Ciara Bains
14:53 30th September 2019

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Unless you’re suffering from a dreary and unfortunate state of under-rock residency, you’ll have undoubtedly been streaming FEET’s recent singles on never-tiring repeat. Over the course of the year, the band have treated us to the infectiously earworm-y ‘English Weather’, ‘Ad Blue’, ‘Outer Rim' and ‘Petty Thieving’, but they are still feeling generous, so have chosen to gift upon our lucky souls six more songs to collectively make shining debut What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham. 

The album has been a long time coming for the five-piece. “Without any real sense of direction of scope, the album became really a reflection of the eight or nine months we spent moving from place to place writing the fucker. You doss about with each other for the majority of a year, something’s bound to happen, something to write about, and fortunately it did. And that’s the album. But that doesn’t sound very cool. It’s about drugs”. 

The immediately striking quality of WIIMTJH is how successfully FEET have captured their unstoppable live energy on record - the same adrenaline runs through every track, swirling amongst wonky guitar riffs and driving the ever groovy rhythm section. Lead vocalist and frontman George guides with the authority of an alternative orator, bringing light to the overlooked - yet, of course, important - topics of dog walking, weather and motorways; further confirming WIIMTJH’s quintessential Britishness. The album was produced by Cam Blackwood (Jamie T, London Grammar, Billie Marten) and mixed by Alan Moulder (Foals, Interpol, Beach House), who’ve both indisputably nailed the band’s dynamic genre-hopping tendencies. Take the album’s namesake track, for example, which masterfully journeys from funk to hard hitting grunge via a distorted 50s reminiscence, all whilst humbly discussing the unpredictability of a hotdog. 

After a festival filled summer, and in addition to their Clapped Night Out events (hosted and curated by the band’s self run label), the band will be hitting the road for their biggest headline tour to date throughout October and November to promote the album. Let it be suggested (as imperative) that you get your hands on a ticket to a show near you - a FEET gig is truly a sight to behold.

What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham is released on 4 October 2019 via Clapped Records.

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