‘Small by nature but by no means lacking in physicality’
Al Mills
15:52 23rd September 2019

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Small by nature but by no means lacking in physicality, might or quite literally anything and everything in-between, Shiny New Model, the self-dubbed ‘mini album’ from New York’s Bodega, is one rather large powerhouse of propulsion after burgeoning propulsion.  

Released via What's Your Rupture, (Parquet Courts, Iceage, Royal Headache) the record stands tall with the chunkiest pair of rhythmic wedges brought to you by Nikki Belfiglio and new recruit Tai Lee, and covers enough stomping ground to make for the most ideal companion to fight the system with. 

The first session from the group to be recorded in a ‘proper studio’ (Power Station in CT), namesake track and opener ‘Shiny New Model’ is, lyrically, a fly-on-the-Bodega-wall observation of the three big C’s in today’s society; culture, capitalism and consumerism. With ceaseless spoonful’s of narrative frankness, “Tell me don’t you feel used?” is the question at hand as Bodega, along with some heavy hitting hi-hat are here to both seek and speak the truth.

Unsurprisingly, there’s countless opportunities for instrumental bliss-out’s in this recorded societal backdrop. ‘Treasures Of The Ancient World’ teases secrecies with a yearning load of misty aired mannerisms. Like a remarkably balanced leaf that’s naturally found itself caught between a breeze of krautrock meets post-punk spoken-word, meets STOMP, it spirals rings of ambitious comfortability. 

‘Domesticated Animal’ is the jugged femme-fronted running-anthem we’ve all been waiting for. A whirlwind of tapped vision it ends almost as soon as it begins and leaves much more to be desired. Closing number ‘Truth Is Not Punishment’ is long, but by far worth every minute of bright-eyed, ‘real world-y’ awakening it leans towards. Coming in as a wire-y piece of realism it scratches marks of raw wit and acknowledges the summed-up touchstone nature of the piece as a whole and relentlessly showcases a level of collective musicianship that seems to never cease to soar. If you want to feel propped up and empowered in every step of life then Shiny New Model is unapologetically for you. Bodega, you’ve done it again. 

Shiny New Model is released on 11 October 2019 via What’s Your Rupture?

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