‘The group are on to something bolder, darker and undeniably sanctuary’
Al Mills
15:34 23rd September 2019

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It’s been two years worth waiting for as with their third studio album release Hot Motion (their debut on ATO Records), psychedelic midnight riders Temples have capsuled the sparkling freshness of their Sun Structures debut, the high-flight of Volcano and then, thread by paisley golden thread, have unpicked, re-worked and then splendidly showcased a garment of recorded hypnotisms - all wrapped up tightly in some transcendent tissue to be kept pristine for years to come. 

Like delving into the kaleidoscopic mind of a swirling bubble bath (for everyone knows in the realms of expanded conscious even the inanimate have thought), on the surface level it appears as though not a whole heap has changed for the band. There’s still plenty of references to era’s gone by but to say they’re looped within a world of nostalgia would be an understatement. “You’re either on something or you’re on to something” and in the case of this record the group are on to something bolder, darker and undeniably sanctuary.

In ten tracks Temples offer a window into tenderly tapestried influence. Lead single and title track ‘Hot Motion’ is a sprightly welcomed harmony trip back into fundamental states of eclipsed dreaming. Neither nightmarish nor wistful, it’s a jittery stomper of intricacy with the same effect as treading barefoot on burning sand as your mind, body and soul gear up to journey through some real grounded fire. ‘Atomise’ starts off as slow crooning and lo-fi twinkly as any space dwelling particle ought; until it pokes you suddenly in your third eye with a rush of driven abundance. When frontman James Bagshaw says, “synthesise right before your eyes” he’s not lying. This track combines all the ‘constituent elements’- the big-sound crashes and fuzz indulged instrumentals needed to make the most epic of nugget-ed goodness and then blasted it all into one ‘unified entity’ of pandemonium psychedelia and electric attraction. 

Other highlights include ‘The Howl’ which is exactly what you’d hope it to be topped with an applauding dose of synthy-empowerment andStep Down’ - a screechy little creature that destructively and seductively oozes its way into Bolan bone-y crevices, encouraging you to emerge from the creeping shadows of your home-comfort guitar band sound and have a real good, stargazing table-top boogie. 

Essentially, Hot Motion slots satisfyingly into a, now trilogy, of crafted growth that we can only hope will have continuous additions in years to come.

Hot Motion is released on 27 September 2019 via ATO Records.

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