Enthralling and hip-shaking to the core
Meg Berridge

12:22 28th June 2019

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I've said it once before and I’ll say it again. I’ll say it 1000 tootin’ times if I must. The Black Keys are the bona fide daddies of rock. Don’t you dare tell me they’ve lost their status because of a wee four year hiatus. Let’s have some sympathy here folks, because how on earth are you supposed to follow such a sublime cracker of an album that is Turn Blue?

Turn Blue is sensuous, gravity defying, foreplay. It’s a bedroom eyes across the room. Now forget all that because their new album is unadulterated animal heat. Leave the romance at the door please. 

Despite its name sounding like the title of a party compilation CD for 12-year-old misfits, ‘Let’s Rock’ is a 6-stringed powerhouse, it’s a cold pint on a hot day, a zephyr blowing through beautifully long hair...

Every riff-heavy track on the album is an ode to the guitar. Enthralling and hip shaking axes shred into overdrive, somehow remaining congruous to Auerbach’s magnetic drawl. 

Whilst ‘Tell Me Lies’ and ‘Go’ both nod to the previous album with mellifluous chord progressions and butter-melting riffs, the album is steamy and high octane. Opener ‘Shine A Little Light’ demonstrates this with its fuzzy cries upon melancholy chords and loud speaker qualities. There’s no point listening to this in your headphones, do yourself a favour. 

All songs are bound to be a crowd pleaser. The chorus for each is tediously infectious. It’s actually annoying. If you thought you’d had it out with ‘Lo/Hi’, get ready for every other track to be ingrained into that beautiful brain of yours. 

Although they might be easy songs, these old boys haven’t lost it. This album of ditties is near on a masterpiece. There is an authentic 70s likeness, reflecting the joyous and upbeat anthems of Stealers Wheel or Hall and Oats. They might not be what they once where but if you want it, The Black Keys have got it. 

‘Let’s Rock’ is out now via Nonesuch Records.

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