A riotous return to the capital for the West Coast punks
Shannon COTTON
00:00 20th July 2018

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Few gigs start with a mosh pit, but that is exactly what’s happening at Kentish Town Forum before FIDLAR have even stepped foot on stage. Practising their best pit to the warm up music 20 minutes before the band are due to start, it’s the first time the North London crowd evidence their hungry enthusiasm this evening. 

Strolling on stage and opening with visceral comeback track ‘Alcohol’, frontman Zac Carper’s trials and tribulations are at the forefront of FIDLAR’s lyricism once again, “I wake up in the morning and I'm loose, and I chew a couple pills and I hit the juice, and I feel okay and get the fuck out my way, and did you think I wanna hear what you have to say?” 

They launch into the ramshackle ride that is ‘Max Can’t Surf’ and the singer declares, “that’s the dumbest song we’ve ever written,” after the boisterous rendition. Max might not be able to surf, but this crowd sure can. Just when you begin to wonder how the band plan to follow such a thrilling jaunt, they slip straight into ‘West Coast’ - capitalising on the audience’s feverish momentum tenfold. Towards the end of the show Carper incites a, “girls only mosh pit” because, “there’s too many dicks on the dancefloor”. 

Testing the water with two new songs, the first cuts a slower pace than the majority of the evening while still harnessing their tantalising vigour, the second opens with a piercing howl from Carper, and a tempo much more reminiscent of their back catalogue and it’s just enough to whet the appetite of their baying fans.

Check out the gallery from the night below:

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Photo: James Polley