Matt Skiba does a great job ensuring Blink 182's spirit is truly despite Tom De Longe's recent departure from the band
Cat Marr
15:49 7th July 2017

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and the newest addition of Blink 182, Matt Skiba, kick straight into 'Feeling This' as the word fuck burns behind them. The word used as the emblem of punk rock as well as a clear indication Blink will not be taking themselves too seriously on this tour.

The show is an immediate, visceral blast of guitars and drums, and too entertaining to spend too much time worrying whether newcomer Skiba is a good fit for the band or not. But on first impressions it feels like a seamless change and whilst DeLonge is busy writing his 'non fiction' UFO book, Skiba is keeping the show on the road.

Skiba, also of Alkaline Trio, has adapted for the new venture. He's able to move away from the Goth nuances developed for Alkaline Trio and embrace the iconic pop punk of this band.

The spirit of Blink 182 is still there, Mark Hoppus skips around giddily, whilst drummer Travis thrashes his kit like his life depends on it.

This is a show for the fans, playing hits from 'The Rock Show' to 'Dumpweed' and then all the way to new material such as 'She's Out of Her Mind' with the same passion and energy that you expect.

The only distraction, aside from the elephant in the room of Tom Delonge's absence, is the Roy Lichtenstein pop art inspired graphics - half of the time you're transfixed on these rather than the band themselves.

The crowd interaction is still a major focus of the show, less fart jokes more lost in translation, as thousands of people chant 'Yorkshire' at them they mistake it for 'Northster' till a member of the crowd came up on stage and set them straight.

Finishing on 'Dammit', you're taken back to your teenage years before Travis leaving his 13-year-old son who impressively plays them off, then the realisation hits you, like the lyrics say, this really is growing up, Blink 182 are dads, and you've got to get up for work in 5 hours.