The axed shows were due to be filmed for live DVDs
Julian Marszalek

12:38 3rd July 2017

Adele’s woes are mounting after the ‘Hello’ singer was forced to cancel the last two dates of a four-night stand at Wembley Stadium at the weekend because of damaged vocal cords. Now, it seems she stands to lose out on potential earnings from DVD sales of the cancelled gigs.

One hundred cameras were set up to film Adele Live 2017: The Finale on Saturday and Sunday, the nights which the singer cancelled.

A perennial media source told The Sun: “The DVD was a huge production and all the plans were in place for it to go ahead. But obviously that extra pressure must have been on her mind as her voice problem developed.

“It’s a big disappointment, but nobody knows at this stage if it will happen again. Of course the DVD would have made millions in global sales.”

It is understood that the concert DVD was going to be filmed by Matt Askem, who has previously worked with the likes of Jay-Z and Take That.

Adele made an emotional statement to fans to let them know that the remaining two gigs were cancelled. Rather ironically, the cancelled dates were the original gigs booked and the previous two shows that she’d performed at had been extra concerts.

She said that she had “struggled vocally” during the other Wembley gigs and thought it was “unlikely I’d make it through” the final two. Telling her fans that she was “devastated”, she further apologised saying, “I’m sorry. I love you. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”


Let’s hope that with a little rest, she’ll be right as rain (that’s enough puns, thank you – Ed.).

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