He was attempting to blag free tickets when police swooped
Julian Marszalek

12:33 9th May 2017

We’ve all tried to blag our way into gigs one way or another but one poor sap and his wife have been arrested after allegedly posing as Adele’s manager as they attempted to get in to a Kendrick Lamar gig last weekend.

It transpires that this wasn’t the first time that Justin Jackson and his wife, Angel Lii, have tried it on by passing themselves off as Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins, and his plus one. The Miami Herald reports that the pair had previously tried the ol’ “don’t you know who I am?” routine with Rihanna, Usher, Drake, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pharrell Williams.

Jackson – a conman previously convicted of posing as Madonna’s manager in order to steal $2.4m’s worth of jewelry – came unstuck after the real Dickins was contacted by Lamar’s label, Interscope, after he contacted them trying to obtain free tickets to see the rapper at the Rolling Loud festival.

Alas, his not-so-cunning ruse was rumbled after suspicious reps contacted Jonathan Dickins to verify his request. A sting operation was then put into place with the Miami-Dade police who swooped on Jackson when he rocked up at the festival to claim his tickets. Having been detained by police, he was then charged with grand theft and identity theft.

Jackson has form in this area. In 2014 he was sued for impersonating former basketball player and Obama aide Reggie Love, Oprah Winfrey's nephew and OWN TV executive Scott Garner. Using these identities, Jackson tried to blag a heap of freebies in various Florida hotels.

Dickins’ attorney, Brian Bieber said: “Mr. Dickins has finally breathed a sign of relief and hopes this fraud against him will stop once and for all.

“The defendants did consistently leave a blueprint of their fraud for the detectives to find. Essentially, we have a pair of dumb criminals.”

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