15 exclusive shots of The Hunting Party in London
Ed Keeble

09:53 24th November 2014

23 November 2014: Linkin Park brought the Hunting Party to London's O2 Arena last night, an eclectic show that was more than suited to the huge venue. Using a signature mixture of guitars, decks, MPC's and whole heap of other trickery, the show was certainly one to behold. 

The tracklist was an expertly put together piece of fan service that included remixed tracks, features from Of Mice and Men and basically every Linkin Park track you ever wanted to hear. 

Linkin Park played:
Mashup Intro #2 (w/ Session, 1stp Klosr, The … more)
'Guilty All the Same' 
'Given Up'  (extended outro)
'Points of Authority' 
'One Step Closer'  (extended outro)
'Blackout'  (intro/outro instrumental)
'Papercut'  (extended intro; shortened)
'Runaway'  (shortened; Wastelands outro)
'Castle of Glass'  (Experience version; Wisdom, … more)
'Leave Out All the Rest' / 'Shadow of the Day' / 'Iridescent' 
'Robot Boy'  (shortened instrumental)
Joe Hahn Solo (w/ Wretches And Kings, … more)
'Burn It Down' 
'Waiting for the End'  (Apaches/Until It Breaks intro;… more)
'Final Masquerade' 
'Wretches and Kings' / 'Remember the Name'  (Ext. Outro Transition)
'Numb'  (Numb/Encore intro/outro)
'In the End'  
'Faint' (extended outro)
'Lost in the Echo'  (shortened)
'New Divide'  (shortened)
'Crawling'  (shortened)
'Until It's Gone'  (With You intro; shortened)
'What I've Done'  
'Bleed It Out' (extended w/ Drum solo and Catalyst refrain)

Photo: Emma Viola Lilja