Our wishlist for the singer's second release
michael baggs
14:40 30th January 2014

Lana Del Rey's new album, Ultra Violence, is finished - according to the singer herself, so all that is left is for fans is to play the waiting game until we get to hear new music from the pouting, maudlin superstar.

Del Rey's debut album was a hugely successful, and hugely brilliant, introduction to a new artist, who, despite the huge concepts in her sound and oceans of pretentiousness, caught the hearts, minds and ears of music listeners across the globe. She became a worldwide superstar with just one record, and quite rightly so. It was excellent.

Since the announcement of her second album in December 2013, fans have been hugely excited about the release of Ultra Violence, and that number includes us. Here's what we want to hear on the second album from our favourite gloomy pop star. We hope she's paying attention.