Star gets mucky and pretentious in short clip
Andrew Trendell
08:58 21st November 2013

Lady Gaga has caused somewhat of a stir with her bizarre new short film promoting her latest album, ARTPOP. Watch the video below.  

The clips Gaga writhing about in soil, blood, her underwear and the wide variety of outfits that she wore in the many bizarre ARTPOP promo photos that appeared online prior to the album's release. 

"This album is a celebration," she explains in the introduction to the video - pouting throughout.. "My pain exploding in electronic music, it’s heavy but after I listen to it I feel happy again, I feel lighter."

It's all quite pretentious and unneccessary, but that's just Gaga.

Watch the clip below:

This week, Gaga scored her third UK album No.1 when ARTPOP album hit the top spot this weekend. The new chart topper follows previous releases Fame and Born This Way to the UK top spot, ahead of other new releases from the likes of Celine Dion, Little Mix and The Killers. Gaga topples Eminem from the top spot, as the controversial rapper slips to No.2 on the UK album charts.

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