Check out exclusive shots as the singer shoots second video from new album
michael baggs
13:47 8th April 2012

Ladyhawke's first album was an instant classic - a collection of perfectly crafted pop tunes that introduced the world to one of the most exciting new female artists in music. Her second album, 'Anxiety' is due for release in May 2012 and hears the New Zealand star develop her sound on a stunning sophomore release.

Following first single 'Black White and Blue', Ladyhawke is currently readying second single from the album, 'Sunday Drive'. One of the album's standout tracks with a heavy guitar sound, the track is classic Ladyhawke. Ahead of the single's release, we have a selection of exclusive images showing Ladyhawe on set, lurking on back streets and crashing out with her guitar.

Check out the exclusive pics below.