Gigwise gets in the festive spirit...
jason gregory
12:57 20th December 2010

With Christmas less than a week away and Father Christmas's sleigh bells tinkling away in the distance, Gigwise has gone all festive this week.

As well as a round-up of the Essential Christmas Hits, we've put together a collection of some of the worst festive album covers.

From William Hung's 'Hung for the Holidays' to Paul Holt's Roxy Music-esque 'Fifty Grand for Christmas', this list will make you reach for the brandy.

You'll also find covers for albums by Bordell Mammas and Sir Elton John – so check out the full countdown now and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • The Mom and the Dads: 'Merry Christmas with the Mom and the Dads' (1972)

  • Kico Slabinac – Christmas with Kico (1992)

  • Jim Nabors – Christmas (1990)

  • William Hung: 'Hung for the Holidays' (2004)

  • Thore Skogmans Julskiva – Klappa Pa! (1964)

  • Paul Holt: Fifty Grand for Christmas (2004)

  • Elton John – 'Elton John's Christmas Party' (2005)

  • Kenny Chesney – All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan (2003)

  • Eilert Pilarm – 'Eilert's Jul' (1984)

  • Bordell Mammas - 'Julvisor'

  • Jimmy Buffet – 'Christmas Island' (1996)

  • Lenny Dee and the Organ with Orchestra – Happy HoliDee (1961)

  • Tiny Tim – Tiny Tim's Christmas Album (1994)

  • Indo G – Christmas N' Memphis (2002)

  • The Surfers: 'Christmas From Hawaii' (1959)

  • Christmas in the Stars: A Stars Wars Christmas Album (1980)

  • Mojo Nixon – Horny Holidays (1992)

  • Jingle Cats – 'Here Comes Santa Claws' (2008)

  • The Clancy Brothers: 'Christmas' (1969)

  • Duke Tumatoe: It's Christmas Let's Have Sex (2001)

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