To mark Iceland day, these are the best musical exports from the beautiful island country
michael baggs
09:50 17th June 2014

17 June, 2014: Today is Iceland day, a time to stop and have a think about the wonders that take place on that strange, volcanic Island far into the Northern Hemisphere.

National Iceland Day celebrates Iceland becoming independent from Denmark in 1944, which can't ever have made sense - because the two countries are thousands of miles apart. But what do we know about geographical politics? We're here for the music, and boy, has Iceland given us some special stuff over the years.

A land like no other, Iceland has produced some of the most innovative, unique and beautiful bands and artists of our generation. From unfathomably bonkers female stars to epic, stadium-filling post rock and girls who play the theramin, to celebrate National Iceland Day, these are the Icelandic bands you need in your life.