Including 50 Cent, Billie Joe, Michael Jackson and more...

17:13 13th November 2007

Of course, music stars and arrests almost seem to go hand in hand. We've rounded up some of the worst (and best) mug shots from down the years of those who have brushed with the wrong side of the law...

  • Ozzy Osbourne was blind drunk when police arrested him in the street in 1984. He should have really been arrested for this haircut alone.

  • In 2001, Marilyn Manson was charged with a sexual charge after allegedly rubbing his pelvis on a security guard’s head at a concert in Michigan.

  • Axl Rose in 1998 – charged with verbally abusing an employee at Sky Harbor Airport, Phoneix.

  • Eminem upon in his arrest in 2000 on weapons charges. Looking very smart.

  • A bloated looking Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Russell Jones - snapped in 2001 when he was serving time for drugs charges.

  • Word has it that Johnny Cash was shitting himself so much, his arse was like a ring of fire back when this fetching shot was taken in 1965.

  • Kid Rock following his arrest in October 2007 in connection with a fracas outside a restaurant in Georgia.

  • Jack White was arrested back in 2001 on assault charges following an alleged incident at a Detroit nightclub.

  • Sid Vicious – Taken shortly after his arrest in 1978 for in connection with the death of Nancy Spungen. It’s since been used in pieces of art – a la this fetching aluminous yellow pic.

  • Pete Doherty – Apparently there’s so many Pete Doherty mug shots that a file drawer at a London police station is perilously close to falling over. Sadly the police are yet to release any of the images though, so we’ll have to make to with this outside court! (PR Photos)

  • A then aged 19 Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) after pleading guilty to peddling class A drugs.

  • A slightly pensive looking Jimi Hendrix following his arrest when Toronto airport security staff found heroin in his baggage. He was acquitted after claiming the drugs were put in his bag by someone else.

  • Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong shortly after he was arrested for drunk driving in 2003. Looking good!!

  • The late Godfather of Soul, James Brown, looked a picture of health when police nabbed him in 2004 for a domestic violence charge.

  • R Kelly arrested in connection with child pornography charges back in 2002.

  • Arguably the classic of mug shots! Wacko Jacko looking slightly worse for wear after his arrest in 2003 for child molestation.

  • David Bowie looking extremely dapper shortly before his court appearance in 1976 on marijuana possession charges. Looking extremely dapper as ever.

  • In March 2008, Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora was arrested on Laguna Beach on suspicion of drinking driving. To make matters worse, he had his daughter in the car with him.