Let's review the intertwining worlds of Westoros and popular music
will butler
14:52 17th November 2015

It's no secret that Game of Thrones might be the best show on television right now. Between the amazing cast, the top-notch costumes, the vast lore, the treacherous narrative, brutal deaths and the plethora of amazing musician tie-ins - there's not much on the telly box that can compete with the sheer magnitude of this series. We can't wait for season 6.

As with any Game of Thrones article, we solemnly swear to reveal no plot-lines or spoilers lest we suffer bloody and unexpected deaths - you can read the books if you want to know if we die or not. The finale to Season 5 was shocking to say the least and season 6 has been set to be the show's most exciting series to date. We do have to wait until February to see our favourite characters again so it's as good a time as any to reflect on the unbelievable amount of links between Game of Thrones and the world of music.

Here are 13 reasons Game of Thrones is the ultimate show for music fans.