As if Muse, Joni Mitchell and Courtney Barnett weren't already talented enough
Alexandra Pollard
11:34 1st October 2015

It's not uncommon, if you're a a creative person, to have fingers in many artistic pies. That doesn't make it any less impressive *cough* and nauseating *cough* that these world-famous musicians also happen to be great artists.

Some greater than others, admittedly - we're not sure Bob Dylan's Self Portrait, painted for the album of the same name, would have been hung anywhere other than on his mother's fridge were he not a globally famous singer - but great nonetheless.

From the beautiful painting on Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now to the photocopied face of Dominic Howard on Muse's self-titled EP, here's 10 album artworks that were drawn and designed by the band themselves.