The footage was captured in 1990 at Pinole Valley High School, California
Sean Kerwick

10:34 23rd April 2015

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The amateur-captured video features a fresh faced 18 year old Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, along with Tre Cool's predecessor John Kiffmeyer.

The footage was captured on May 10 1990, a few months after lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong dropped out of the Californian High School to pursue a career in music.

The 52 minute set heavily pulls from songs on their debut album 39/Smooth released a month before the gig, and 'Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?' from breakthrough sophomore effort Kerplunk.

The band drew a small crowd in 1990, with passers by unaware of their forthcoming punk-rock stardom which now sees them sell out stadiums worldwide. 

You can watch the early footage below:

The band have certainly come a long way since after being inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame earlier this week along with Ringo Starr and Lou Reed. Their passion still hasn't subsided 25 years later with drummer Tre Cool explaining, "music is the force that gets up in the morning, and it's also the shit that keeps us up all night."

Last week, Green Day surprised a crowd at their House of Blues gig in Ohio which saw John Kiffmeyer rejoin the line-up to perform an hour-long set, featuring songs which haven't been performed in more than 20 years, including ‘Dry Ice’, ‘Sweet Children’ and ‘At The Library’.

Watch a reunited Green Day perform 'At The Library':

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