The first signing is singer songwriter Jamie Lawson
Ed Keeble

10:55 24th March 2015

Ed Sheeran has launched his own label and it's got the perfect name - Gingerbread. 

Proving that he has a great sense of humour, Sheeran has not only announced the imprint's name but also his first signing, singer songwriter Jamie Lawson. In an interview with Nova FM, Ed laid out his plans for the label, saying that he has chosen to focus on the incredible Australian music scene. 

"I've set up my first record label, it's called Gingerbread and Jamie Lawson is my first signing. I wanted Australia to be the launch pad because Australia is a country that I feel would really really dig Jamie."

"There are people on that scene who make me look terrible by just being so good. They haven't got the right platform. I have a tour and Twitter, so I can put them in front of my fans instantly. I can sit down with heads of radio stations and ask whether they'll play it on the radio. I'm in a really fortunate position to be able to break acts."



Below: Watch Jamie Lawson perform 'The Quiet Man'


Meanwhile, dates of Ed Sheeran's three Wembley shows are as follows. For tickets and information, see below.

10 July 2015 - Wembley Stadium, London
11 July 2015 - Wembley Stadium, London
12 July 2015 - Wembley Stadium, London