Jarvis Cocker compares the band to a 'dormant volcano'
Andy Morris
09:27 24th February 2015

Pulp have discussed whether they will be joining the likes of Blur and Suede in reforming for 2015 shows and recording new material.

Talking to NME, Jarvis Cocker refused to confirm either way whether the band would consider releasing the long awaited followup to 2001's We Love Life.

"We're not being mysterious, we're just not very together," Cocker admitted. Asked for an update on the status of the band, Cocker explained there had been "very little activity... It's like a volcano, you can think 'Wow, that's dormant' and then the next day your house has gone, because it's erupted...

"Everything to do with Pulp or to do with me happens at such a glacial pace, that's it hard to tell whether anything's happening or not, but when it does, the whole geography of the planet is changed."

Watch Pulp performing their 2013 single 'After You' below

The last time Pulp reformed for shows in 2012, he dismissed the idea of writing new material as a band. He said at the time: “I don't know about that. I mean, I've enjoyed doing these shows because the idea was, could we manage to do it again, to make it feel like it was worth doing and to make it sound right? And I think we managed to do that.”

Cocker also addressed the problem of facing up to your own musical legacy. “I suppose once you've done that, the next thing is; would you make some new music? I've enjoyed the fact that we haven't been doing any new stuff, because I feel that's kept it quite simple. It's hard one. We haven't been in the studio or anything. I don't know what will happen in the future."

The band released the brilliant film about their brilliant final Sheffield show, Pulp: A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets last year. Recently it was announced that Cocker will return to his Sunday Service programme on 1 March on BBC 6Music, which is broadcast from 4-6pm.