'Deep and entrancing take on the failures of neoliberalism'
Cai Trefor

17:35 28th October 2016

Automat have unveiled 'Fabrik De Welt’ - a fantastic single which melds acoustic drums with electronics - with an accompanying video. You can check it out first on Gigwise below.

Automat are the latest act to release new music from one of the most impressive labels in the world at the moment, Bureau B. The German label cater for a lot of Kraut and experimental forms of electronic music and seem to continue the ethos started by places like the Zodiac Club in Berlin.

Automat’s recorded 'Fabrik der Welt' in 2015 at Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport at the height of the European refugee crisis, the band found itself neighbours of thousands of refugees from across the Middle East and Africa, who were being provided temporary housing in the airport’s former hangars directly below the studio.

The track acts as an instrumental portrait of the uncertainty of the individuals caught up in this mess. The heavy bass and swirling electronics of this hypnotic Kraut driven track can't help but make you feel sworn in to the frontline of something intense and important. It's loud and won't let you sleep.

Significantly, the cut is merely a glimpse of the forthcoming album OstWest, out 11 November, which the press release states reflects the dark times Europe is going through at the moment. “Where historically Europe has been used by the likes of Kraftwerk and Cluster as a metaphor for space and freedom of travel, Automat recast it as a dark rain ride to refuge, shaped by the sounds of claps and samples that race past the listener on the way to an uncertain future.”

Automat are longtime Berlin residents who have already experienced the destruction of post-Cold War optimism shortly after the fall of the Wall.

OstWest marks the completion of an LP triology "with a deep and entrancing take on the failures of neoliberalism."

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Photo: Press