Other streaming services are yet to do the same
Alexandra Pollard

10:31 13th December 2014

Apple have begun the process of removing white power music from their iTunes store.

The company's decision to sell the music of bands with racial supremacy-themed messages, such as Skrewdriver, Max Resist and the Bully Boys, was strongly criticised by the Southern Poverty Law Center's winter Intelligence Report.

Some of the songs that were available on iTunes included lyrics such as, "Are we gonna sit and let them come? / Have they got the white man on the run? / Multi-racial society is a mess... What do we need? White power!"

An Apple spokesperson has now confirmed to Rolling Stone that they have removed some of the white power music from their iTunes store. Overall, 30 of the 54 racist bands uncovered by the SPLC have been removed.

Other music streaming services, such as Spotify, Google Play and Amazon, have chosen to keep the music available.