Pattinson features on most recent single 'Birds'
Jasmine Cowler

12:10 30th November 2014

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Industrial hip-hop group Death Grips have revealed actor Robert Pattinson contributed a guitar part on most recent single 'Birds'.

The now defunct band released their 2013 album, Government Plates, on vinyl yesterday as part of America's Record Store Day Black Friday, a yearly event that coincides with the one-day retail madness that is Black Friday which marks the beginning of the Chrismas shopping period.

Listen to 'Birds' below.

One attentive Reddit user noticed the credit after buying the LP, with new liner notes revealing the Twilight actor and musician's contribution. Pattinson and Beyonce got together for a photo with the experimental rap group back in 2013.

Death Grips recently announced their split with a hand-written note, pi**ing off Trent Reznor in the process.

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