The Bee Gees singer died in 2012
Alexandra Pollard

14:31 31st July 2014

The final ever song written and recorded by Robin Gibb before he died is set to be officially released in September.

The unfinished song, which is called 'Sydney', was produced by the Bee Gees singer shortly before his death from colon and liver cancer in 2012. It will be the final track on new album 50 St Catherine's Drive.

The album, which is named after the Isle Of Man street Gibb was born on, has been compiled by his wife Dwina and son RJ.

Watch Robin Gibb perform 'I Started A Joke' below

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dwina Gibb said her late husband cried when he wrote the song. "This fragment of song is poignant, wistful, beautiful and unfinished," she said, explaining that the song was recorded on an iPad late at night.

"He missed his twin brother Maurice who had passed away," she added. "But when he closed his eyes, the three young brothers were back in Sydney, Australia, happy together with their dreams and hopes for the future."

50 St Catherine's Drive is set for release on 29 September.

Photo: WENN