Dirty Pretty Things gone...
Daniel Melia

16:21 10th October 2005

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Carl BaratCarl Barat may be forced to change the name of his new band after it was revealed that there is already a band in the UK playing under the moniker of Dirty Pretty Things.

Gigwise was contacted by the Salisbury four piece, who have being playing as Dirty Pretty Things since January, over the weekend. We spoke to band members this morning and they revealed they are determined to keep the name.

Barat announced details of his bands name, which include former Cooper Temple Clause man Didz Hammond, last week having named them after his well known London club night.

The original Dirty Pretty Things claim they have already copyrighted the name in the UK so legal negotiations will probably ensue with Barat’s label Vertigo.

Gigwise has spoken to Vertigo’s legal department this afternoon who say they have notified Barat and his manager and they will be deciding their next move shortly.

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