QOTSA man and Turner agree on Libertarianism
gigwise intern
15:29 13th June 2014

Frank Turner and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme might not seem like the most likely pair to get on, but it turns out that the two connected over their political views when they met.

When asked about his thoughts on Paramore and Queens Of The Stone Age being announced to headline Reading and Leeds festival this year, Turner told Gigwise about his admiration for QOTSA - and recalled the time that he and Homme met, and connected on politics (after he learned how to pronounce 'Homme' correctly). 

"I met Josh Homme last year and the first thing he did was correct my pronunciation of his surname, and he was thoroughly, thoroughly nice in a way that I kind of wasn't expecting," Turner revealed.

"One of the other things about him which I really enjoyed was that - without going into too much discussion about it - I've obviously copped a fair amount of shit for being a Libertarian in the press, and he was aware of this and said 'I'm a fucking hardcore Libertarian, stick to your guns and fuck them'. It's not very often that people say that to me, so that was nice - I enjoyed that."

Turner also spoke about the controversial decision made for Queens of the Stone Age and Paramore to co-headline Reading and Leeds festival, throwing his support behind it. While admitting that he's not too knowledgable about Paramore, the singer-songwriter is a definite Queens of the Stone Age fan, and points out that the festival bookers know what they're doing and aren't 'idiots'.

Watch Frank Turner's video for 'Recovery' below:

Speaking to Gigwise about the decision, which has received a mixed reaction from festival-goers, Turner said: "They strike me as archetypal Reading bands. People who book Reading know what they're doing, so it makes sense on that level.

"People kind of go, 'Oh, they can't be the Reading headliner!' and you reply 'They can, because they have been booked by people who have millions of pounds riding on their decisons so they're not idiots'. I like Queens, they're a great band. Paramore is a band I don't really know anything about. Queens are great though."

Reading and Leeds festival takes place from 21 - 24 August, 2014. For more information visit Gigwise gig tickets

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