'Lego is cool', insist synth-pop stars
Andrew Trendell
09:54 19th February 2014

Tegan & Sara have spoken out about their work on 'Everything Is Awesome' - the huge song taken from the critically-acclaimed Lego Movie.

The track, by Tegan And Sara with The Lonely Island, has become a viral sensation - but Tegan Quinn tells Rolling Stone that they never thought they'd get to record the song.

"Lego's cool!" says Tegan of her first reaction to being asked to record the song, but was concerned about the quality of their demo. 

"I thought we did a terrible job," admitted Tegan. " I think it was in a different key. Then we stepped it down because I was just shrieking. Mark, the technician, was like, 'It sounds like you're screaming', I said, 'I am!'"

She continued: "We were like, "There's no way we'll get it." So we were really thrilled to hear our version got in the credits. And I love the Lonely Island, so I was pretty excited that they picked us because they were like, "Oh, we're throwing it out to a bunch of different people." It was, like, big rappers, and I'm like, "There's no way." 

Check out the music video for 'Everything is Awesome' below


Speaking about the world's response to the song and video, Tagan continued: "I'm kind of surprised and not surprised. First of all, I thought the movie was really cool based on the two clips we've seen. It seems really smart, really well written. Sara and I really like to do things that we feel are credible and also it feels like they were within the brand of Tegan and Sara.

"We're trying to move into this more upbeat sound. Sometimes the content is pretty sad, but we try to find things within the realm of Tegan and Sara and this felt like it really fit. Since it came out, it seems like the average person who likes it is pretty young, which is pretty cool, too."

She added: "I love the idea of like, an 8-year-old going to the movie and some of those kids ending up liking Tegan and Sara. But in the end, we didn't do it to become a bigger band; we did it because we thought the movie was really cool and we just loved the idea of contributing to something that would bring people happiness."

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