Video: a highlight from the Russian show
Edward Keeble

09:41 10th February 2014

The opening ceremony of this year's Winter Olympics saw some rather odd performances, particularly from Russia's Police Choir performing 'Get Lucky'. See the cover below.

It was a rather strange affair already, we had rings that didn't open, faux lesbian couple t.A.T.u. emerging from retirement, some creepy mascots and jelly fish. However perhaps the icing on the weirdness cake was the Russian Police Choir, re-enacting the glory of their 'Get Lucky' cover.

Below: Watch a Russian Police Choir perform 'Get Lucky' 

Straight out of a surrealist comedy, these stern faced truncheon wielding police types even go so far as to do the robot voices and it is glorious. If you missed the whole ceremony it's well worth a watch and is available on BBC iPlayer. 

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