Video: the band claims the rise of Arctic Monkeys resulted in dodgy copycats
gigwise intern
11:05 10th January 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club have discussed what they see as a "backlash" to the success of indie bands like the Arctic Monkeys.

Speaking to Gigwise about the state of bands today, bass player Ed Nash explained that though he thinks "The Arctic Monkeys are a great band", the way he sees it, "there was kind of a backlash to that."

Nash admitted that "The amount of bad indie bands is unbelievable." We're inclined to agree.

Lead singer Jack Steadman was slightly more reluctant to say how he felt about the whole affair, declaring "It's not really our responsibility, to be honest." Fair enough. Watch their full answer above.

Bombay Bicycle Club's fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, is due out on 3 February.