Band need to 'reassess the next phase'
Michael Baggs

11:23 14th December 2013

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The Courteeners have revealed that they are to take an extended break in 2014, following last night's performance at Manchester Arena.

The band ended their 2014 tour last night in their hometown, but have revealed it will be some time before they hit the road again.

"I'm not going to say for a long time cos I don't know," said frontman Liam Fray in an interview with XFM, when asked about future tour plans. "We played a lot of gigs this year and we've played those songs a lot, I think we need to go away and decide which ones work best, what we like and reassess really for the next 'phase'.

"The arena will be your last chance to dance for a while... At least a year."

The band released their third album, Anna, in February of 2013, reaching No.6 on the UK charts.

In the same interview with XFM, Fray also commented on the approach taken by bands and major labels when it comes to recording albums, claiming the emphasis is no longer on creating a body of work, and is instead focused on singles and radio hits.

"I definitely think that bands are being edged into making amazing singles and then, not that they don't necessarily care about the rest of the record 'cos that would be insane to even suggest that," he added.

"I definitely think that labels and producers whatever are putting all their eggs in one basket for two or three tracks. Whereas, I think it has to be about everything really, you have to try and make every song as big".

Below: exclusive photos, behind the scenes with The Courteeners in Manchester

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