The term applies to Adele, Rihanna and more
michael baggs
09:27 18th November 2013

Lily Allen has revealed her new single 'Hard Out Here' is an attempt to reclaim the word bitch, and claims that the term applies to some of the biggest female stars on the planet.

Never one to hold her tongue, Allen has revealed the meaning behind her official comeback single, which has already attracted controversy for its video, which has been accused of portraying racial stereotypes. Now, Allen tells The Observer that when she sings 'it's hard out here for a bitch' - she's using it in the most polite way possible.

"Dolly Parton is a bitch. Adele's a bitch. Angela Merkel is a bitch… Rihanna's an inspiring bitch, my mum, Miley's a bitch, rising. She's my hero, Kate Middleton is NOT a bitch," she told the Sunday newspaper.

"I've always been called 'mouthy', when, in fact, I'm just talking. In the music industry, women have always been controlled by male execs, told to do the Kate Moss thing. Keep your mouth shut, or people will laugh at you."

Watch the video below:

Allen also reveals her disappointment at the state of female stars' pop songs, hitting out at rubbish choruses and artists who do not write their own lyrics.

"Nobody says anything real today," she adds. "Most of those girls have their songs written by other people. It annoys me, because 'eh oh eh oh ahh' is not a chorus – that's not a point where I feel 'we're connecting', you know? I need a narrative."