Singer reveal release plan to fans in Chile
Michael Baggs

10:11 17th November 2013

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Lana Del Rey has seemingly revealed the release date of her long-awaited Tropico short movie, telling fans it will be released at the start of December.

The film, a closing chapter on her debut album, was initially believed to be scheduled for a September release, but this was later denied by her rep, who claimed that no release date had been confirmed. Now, during a visit to Chile, Lana Del Rey told fans that Tropico would be released on 1 December 2013.

When asked by a fan about plans to release Tropico, she replied simply: "Soon. December the first, I think…"

The star has been working on the project since early summer, and recently began to reveal trailers for the film. Tropico will feature music from her Paradise EP, including tracks 'Bel Air', 'Body Electric' and 'Gods & Monsters', which featured on the special edition release of her debut album, Born To Die.

Watch Lana Del Rey confirm the release of Tropico in the video below (skip to 1:25 to see her confirm the Tropico release)

Tropico has extremely high hopes resting on it as Del Rey previously sparked rumours that it would be the final chapter in her short but prolific career.

"Look forward to seeing you for the farewell project," the singer tweeted, "I adore you and thank you for inspiring me. TROPICO." Subsequently, fans of the singer are waiting with baited breath to see what the film might reveal as to Del Rey's future.

Below: behind the scenes on Lana Del Rey's Tropico short-film


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