Spokeman said it was 'just an appearance'
gigwise intern
09:02 29th October 2013

R Kelly has confirmed via a representative it was indeed him who appeared at a concert in LA over the weekend and not an impersonator, following angry accusations from attendees.

The singer was forced to release a statement following a news story that reported attendees who had bought $150 tickets Ced's All Black Affair featuring an appearnce from R Kelly,  uriously alleged an impersonator had been sent in his place. One disappointed concertgoer tweeting: "We was scammed because 10 O'clock we was there, no R. Kelly. 11 o'clock no R. Kelly, 12 o'clock no R. Kelly, 12:45 no R. Kelly. 1 O'clock here comes an impersonator."

A spokesperson for the R&B crooner has now told Pitchfork that Kelly did appear onstage and did not send a "stunt double", reiterating that the singer was billed to 'appear' at the concert, not necessarily to perform.

Watch the news report below

Kelly, 46, was probably the biggest male R&B stars of the 90s thanks to hits 'Bump N' Grind' and 'I Believe I Can Fly'. The singer has been fairly quiet in recent years, but this year lent his vocals to Lady Gaga's ARTPOP track 'Do What U Want'.