These guys must be kicking themselves right now
Andrew Trendell
10:18 7th September 2015

Imagine a world in which Britney Spears had recorded 'Umbrella'. A world in which Nicole Scherzinger had bellowed over Calvin Harris' instrumental for 'We Found Love', and a world in which Kylie Minogue donned the iconic air hostess uniform in the video for 'Toxic'.

Some of the biggest hits of the past decade were never originally meant for those who made them famous. There's often a whole chain of artists who pass on a track before it's eventually recorded; Cliff Richard, Bucks Fizz AND Donna Summer rejected 'What's Love Got To Do With It?' before Tina Turner eventually released it.

In the light of the news that Pharrell's 'Happy' nearly went to Cee Lo, and Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts' was offered to both Katy Perry AND Rihanna before Mrs Carter recorded it, here are 11 massive tracks that very nearly were never the songs we know and love today. What have we learnt? Well, Britney's made a LOT of mistakes in choosing hits, and Beyonce's a sneaky one.