Shock rocker even left pizza on the ceiling
Andrew Trendell

10:01 18th October 2013

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Marilyn Manson's rock n' roll antics have made headlines once again - this time for trashing a 'family friendly' hotel and leaving sex toys and 'red liquid' at the scene.

The 'Beautiful People' shock-rocker was staying at the hotel while filming his part in US TV show, Eastbound And Down. Manson is a part time actor is currently filming a guest spot on the show, of which he's confessed he is a huge fan.

ContactMusic reports that Eastbound And Down star Danny McBride said that Manson was polite and well-behaved on set, which is why he was all the more surprised when he received a phone call from the hotel's manager complaining about his behaviour.

"They were like, 'Manson trashed the room!' I was like, 'Really? That's odd'," said McBride. "The lady said there was a pizza on the ceiling, red liquid everywhere, there was broken glass and there were sex toys but she wouldn't describe exactly what they were."

McBride continued: "He was so friendly and nice I was like, 'I wonder if there's a little element that he has to sort of portray that crazy edge?' I just imagine he was sitting in his hotel room reading his Kindle, catching up on Downton Abbey and check-out time comes and he pulls out all the Satan toys and destroys the room."

Earlier this month, photos of the star on set were posted online. See a tweeted picture of Manson without make-up while filming below

Manson has appeared on screen on a number of occasions, such as the 1997 film Lost Highway and Jawbreaker in 1999, alongside his ex-fiancée Rose McGowan.

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