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Will Lavin

13:06 13th September 2005
five stars


Kanye West - 'Late Registration'Sophomore audiences are always the hardest to please; multi-platinum debut sales often fill the hunger spots left from the days when working to live wasn’t an option therefore compromising the artistic flow.

Kanye West has always been slated for having one of the biggest egos in the industry but the thing is the guy can really back it up. This new album is what hip-hop has been missing for so long; it has diversity, a bit of class and a hoard of professionalism. 'Touch The Sky' sees Mr. West enter his experimental phase once again sampling Curtis Mayfield’s classic hit 'Move On Up'. As per usual Kanye’s boasting flow is initially what the ears hear first time around, but on closer inspection the Louis Vuitton Don’s beat making capabilities continue to outshine even the brightest of today’s topflight producers.

A different range of rap styles are on offer this time around as opposed to his debut 'The College Dropout' and his signature sound isn’t particularly easy to pick out. On 'Drive Slow' Kanye teams up with the People’s Champ Paul Wall, together they embark on a journey exhausted of Southern traditions. The Game plays hook man on the westcoast revival that is 'Crack Music', while the remix for 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone' features a certain President by the name of Carter. All in all 'Late Registration' is exactly what commercial fans wanted and hip-hop fans needed. Be on the look out for the return of the pink Polo shirt.