Breakbeat duo to mark 10th Glasto anniversary
Edward Keeble
10:04 14th October 2013

Breakbeat duo Stanton Warriors are the first act to be publicly confirmed to appear at next years Glastonbury festival.

In an announcement on their Facebook page the West Country production and DJ twosome stated: 'Glastonbury Festival (official) 2014 is a go! It will be our 10th anniversary of playing there : )'.

Stanton Warriors better known as Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley have been producing since 2001, having been previously signed to XL records they now operate their own label Punks. They have been a huge part of the Dance Tent at Glastonbury appearing their every year since 2004. They previously appeared Saturday on the Glade stage back in 2002 before having a year out in 2003. 

Meanwhile tickets for this years Glastonbury festival sold out in a timely 87 minutes, with registration for ticket re-sales in April 2014 open now, all is not quite lost. 

Below: who could perform at Glastonbury 2014? Our predictions for next year

  • Daft Punk - The Robots would OWN the Pyramid Stage. Could we Get Lucky in 2014?

  • Led Zeppelin - Robert Plant and co wowed fans with their comeback show at London's O2 Arena several years ago. Another reunion could be the stuff that Glasto legend is made of.

  • The Faces - Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2012, Rod Stewart and co would rock Glasto HARD. All together now: "STAAAY WITH MEEEE"

  • The Strokes - Hard to believe that the daddies of the NYC revival have never graced Worthy Farm. Do they still have it in them to pull off a headline set?

  • Adele - Eavis admits that he's been after her for years. Her next album will probably shift eleventeen trillion copies and set her up quite nicely for the Pyramid Stage

  • Fleetwood Mac - The most predictable headline slot of all time, but potentially one of the best.

  • Elton John - He's about to unite Bestival in sweet song. The closing night of Glasto could be perfect for him.

  • Tom Petty - Legend. End of.

  • Kanye West - Jay Z fought off the haters and delivered one of Glasto's most memorable sets the other year. Anything The Hov can do, Yeezy can do better, right?

  • Stone Roses - Have they finished milking their reunion yet? Time will tell.

  • Rihanna - Beyonce did OK. Is Worthy Farm ready for Rihanna?

  • Justin Timberlake - He's got the hits, he's got the fans - but has he got what it takes to make Glasto-goers don a suit and tie?

  • Eminem - Slim Shady was pretty blinding at Reading & Leeds last month. Would you welcome him to the Pyrmaid Stage?

  • Prince - A rumour regarding the Purple One is as inevitable as Glasto rain. With new material on the horizon, our hopes for His Royal Badness could finally come true.