'Can't Beat The Machine' became 'Mary Jane Holland'
Alexandra Pollard

09:14 16th July 2014

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The original version of a song Lady Gaga bought from a DJ for her ARTPOP album has leaked online. Listen to it below.

The song, produced by Madeon, was originally intended for The Good Natured and was called 'Can't Beat The Machines'.

Though it was released in June 2012, Gaga subsequently bought the rights for the song, pulled the original off the internet, and her version became 'Mary Jane Holland'.

Listen to 'Can't Beat The Machines' by The Good Natured below

Listen to Lady Gaga's 'Mary Jane Holland' below

The two versions feature very similar production, though it's worth pointing out that the chorus has been changed significantly.

ARTPOP was released in 2013 and, despite not selling as well as her previous albums, reached No.1 in both the US and UK album charts.

Below: the 6 most ridiculous criticisms of Lady Gaga on the internet

  • Wasting 365,00 gallons of water during a drought: According to Radar Online, Gaga filled California's Hearst Castle Neptune pool with water and then pumped it full of chemicals to make it unusable before dumping it while filming her 'G.U.Y' video. This has since been refuted by a representative for the state of California who exposed the story as being entirely fabricated. Next she'll be responsible for global warming.

  • Looking normal with no make-up: This week, un-touched photos of Lady Gaga on a Versace shoot emerged online via Twitter and unsurprisingly she looked a little less glamorous than normal. We challenge you to sit under bright lights with no make-up and see how your pics turn out. Also she has frequently posted no make-up selfies so it is doubtful she really cares.

  • She's a satanist: The video for 'G.U.Y.' raised a few eyebrows with Christian groups after it featured a reference to God as well as the resurrection of Jesus. The End Times Headlines, a nutty religious site, writes: "The Madonna-esque pop star's new music video takes tasteless to new heights and new lows as the Christian masses prepare to celebrate Resurrection Day. In a grotesque video for the song Gaga has resurrected Jesus, Gandhi and Michael Jackson after calling on her false gods". Beware that notoriously nice Jesus guy Gaga.

  • Her Simpsons episode was the least popular in the show's history: So what - the Simpsons hasn't been funny for over a decade.

  • Akon says the only way for Lady Gaga is 'down': When one of the worst rappers in history says your career is going to flop then you must be in trouble. Akon said "I sold my share and got out". Which gave him the first headline he has ever had in a very long time. Well done Akon now sit down.

  • ArtPop and ArtRave is a flop: Errr no it's not. It debuted at No.1, selling 258,000 copies in its first week, which is on par with Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus' sales, all of which were in the top ten of the biggest selling albums. At the same time her tour has been labelled a flop before even starting, a concept that was laughed out of the door by LiveNation who said 80% of tickets had been sold so far. To quote Public Enemy, don't believe the hype.

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