Desert event caught on camera from the sky
Michael Baggs

14:43 10th September 2013

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Thought Glastonbury was big? Think again. Nevada's Burning Man festival is the world's most epic festival event. See the proof below.

Filmed at this year's desert event, these two stunning videos were filmed from un-manned drones flying high above the sprawling festival site - so big that audience members have to travel from one area to another by bike across the desert sands. The videos show huge art installations and dance arenas, where crowd members can be seen raving in the desert twilight. It's one part festival - one part scenes from a Star Wars movie.

See two awe inspiring videos below. It makes anything in a London Park seem entirely insignificant in comparison.

The week-long event takes place from the last Monday of every August to the first Monday of September in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States. The 2013 event was the biggest of the festival's history, with 68,000 people attending, at a flat rate of $380 per ticket.

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