Band discuss their September iTunes gig with fellow guitar-pop newcomers before Reading set
michael baggs
12:38 24th August 2013


Bastille have spoken out about their close relationship and comparisons with The 1975. Watch our video interview with the band below.

Talking to Gigwise backstage just before their set at Reading Festival, we asked the band about their upcoming gig with The 1975 at iTunes Festival in September. 

"I think we got paired with them, but that's a happy pairing because we know them quite well from doing festivals this summer, so we get to hang out with our mates for the night," drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood. "But theyr'e cooler than us. Much cooler"

Kyle Simmons continued: "Also, it's quite a nice sound pairing as well. We're not the same, but there are similar elements and they are just amazing guys. It's all memorable, hooky, melodic indie-esque but a bit poppy."

Will Farquarson added: "The first night we met them i'd accidentally, while shaving my beard, shaved half my head by mistake. I thought that was pretty cool, reliving my youth. Then I met The 1975 and they all had shaved heads and they looked good, whereas I looked like an old tranny. It was a write-off."

See Bastille below discuss Reading, The 1975 and much more

Bastille will be playing Leeds Festival today on the NME BBC Radio One Stage at 5.35pm, while The 1975 perform on today's Festival Republic Stage at Reading at 4.30pm.
The bands will both be playing at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in London on 8 September, 2013.
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Below - Photos: Bastille live in Liverpool